Collection 2019-2020

Discover the new Nona collection! Our own designs and severe quality control assure the original and unique Nona look.  Inspired by the female body, our collection follows your natural curves. Always feminine and elegant, never too much. Shine with a jewel of our Sterling Silver collection!


In the mood

Contemporary and classic designs are perfectly combined in our newest 2019-2020 collection, blending elegant feminine shapes, sparkling stones and vivid blue colours. 


A piece of Nona Jewellery is more than a simple decorative accessory, with Nona Jewellery you can let your own personality shine.  


With attention to detail, our designer designs every piece with the Nona philosophy in mind. This creativity combined with our year-long expertise makes every piece unique.


Nona jewellery, for woman that colour their environment with their dynamism and love of life!

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Our brand

Don't ever lose your sense of wonder

Enjoying every single moment of life with a smile on your face, that is the Nona philosophy. No matter where you are and what you are doing, spending precious moments with family, having a good time with friends, being captivated by a thrilling book, going shopping with your friends or simply spending a lazy Sunday in the park... may fun and happiness be with you!

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