Holidays & Jewellery

19 July 2018

Holidays & Jewellery

Time for your summer holiday! But what jewels to bring?

  • A Statement Ring

In our “Natural Stones” collection you can find the perfect statement ring featuring precious stones like citrine, blue topaz or rose quartz. These can be worn with any outfit, day or night. Just remember not to wear it to the beach, to avoid damage from sand and saltwater.

  • Simple Studs

Classic stud earrings, like the ones from our pearls collection, are like the little black dress of jewellery. They will see you through travelling, sightseeing, and even for a dinner look.

  • A Silver Bracelet

Single silver bracelets, like the ones you can find in our “Elegance” collection, are perfect by itself, or they can also be combined with a watch or other bracelets. If you come across typical local markets during your holiday, your silver bracelet could be a starting point for a collection you build up during the vacation.

  • A Pendant

A holiday is the perfect time to wear an interesting necklace that is out of your comfort zone. Try out some bolder pieces with your summer dresses or an extra long necklace!

Packing Tips

Now that you’ve decided what items you’re going to bring, you must figure out how best to pack them. We love some of these “Do it Yourself” methods:

  • For necklaces, use a plastic straw to keep the chain protected and prevent tangles
  • Earrings can easily get lost in your suitcase or bag, so stick them through the holes in a button
  • Great storage items you can find at home: pill boxes, rolled up towels and toilet paper tubes
    • For example: Wrap bracelets and necklaces around a towel or toilet paper tube and punch your earrings into it.