How to style your jewellery

18 December 2017

How to style your jewellery

With the holidays just around the corner, we wanted to share some tips on how to style your jewellery!

Go for versatile pieces
A long necklace can be worn several ways: as a single necklace, as a bracelet or it can be combined with shorter pieces.

Try to stack your bracelets in:

  • the same style;
  • the same color in a different style;
  • a group of complimentary colors.

You can also buy bracelets that match your watch.

Different hairstyles, different earrings

  • Long hair

Pearl drops or danglers will perfectly match the movement of your loose hair.

  • Pony tail

The versatility of earring jackets is why we love them. You can use them to make a bold statement on a traditional work outfit or just to add some glitter to your casual wear. 

  • Short hair, High Bun or Updo

A simple stud is perfect.

Extra tip: Choose an earring that compliments your hair color. Check whether gold is more complimentary with your hair or if maybe silver is better suited.

Match your rings and watch

Will you go for glitter & gold or classic & silver?