Jewellery care

27 March 2018

Jewellery care

Is your silver jewellery turning black?

Did you ever notice your jewellery is not as shiny anymore as when you just received / bought it? Most likely this is because of tarnish. Tarnish is layer of corrosion that forms on metals, especially on sterling silver. It is usually caused by the way the jewellery is stored & used.

Below you can find some tips to prevent & remove tarnish on your sterling silver.

Clean & polish the jewellery. Remove all oils (such as body lotion) with a soft cloth or wash the jewellery in warm soapy water & dry it.

Store the jewellery. We already discussed some original storage ideas in our previous blogpost.
Jewellery tarnishes faster if it’s left out in the open. To avoid this, try storing your jewellery in a closed box or at least avoid leaving it in direct sunlight.

Avoiding chemicals. Don’t forget to apply lotions, perfume, cosmetics before putting on your jewellery. As well as removing your jewellery before getting into swimming pools, the shower or hot tubs.