Our new collection: Inspiration

16 April 2018

Our new collection: Inspiration

We proudly launch our new collection!

For our latest collection we decided to work with 3 themes. We love to tell you where our inspiration for this latest collection came from:


Summer is just around the corner. Therefore, for this theme we were inspired by summer & floral shapes. These jewels add a fun element to your outfit this summer.

They are designed to be mixed & matched with each other to create your own look.


Timeless class & elegance are the keywords for this theme & the heart of our collection.
Our purpose was to ensure every woman would be able to find a piece of jewellery she can wear every day. A piece that makes every outfit that more special.

To make this theme even more unique we added pearls.
Why pearls? Because of their meaning.
Pearls symbolize peace, emotional balance and purity.
Their simple, yet elegant appearance make pearls great accessories at night, at work and even during your daily activities.

"A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls," declared Coco Chanel.                                                          

Precious stones

These stones are the eyecatcher of the collection.

We were inspired by minimalistic shapes. Minimalism can be described as removing all unnecessary elements and only focus on what needs to be there…the precious stones.

For us the precious stones are the focus, an element of “shine” & they all have their specific meaning. Read more on them in our next blogpost.