Precious stones: their meaning & how to wear them

30 May 2018

Precious stones: their meaning & how to wear them

For our Precious Stones collection we have chosen for the most popular shapes. Choose between the round, pear and cushion cut.  All of these stones have unique colors and a special glow. It simply is a classic yet timeless collection that suits every type of woman. What makes it even more special is the meaning of every stone.

Citrine – for women with courage and lust for life, a sunny and warming stone.

Blue Topaz – stands for both honesty and joy, perfect for self-confident women.

Rose quartz – a symbol of the heart, for women who love and love to be loved.

One by one they are classics that suit every outfit and ensure that your day is brightened up.

You can wear precious stones for any occasion: casual, work, parties or formal events. When you feel like you need to add a pop of color to an outfit, precious stones are the way to go! If you’re wearing black, precious stones go with every outfit. Even if you’re wearing a different color, then you could match your outfit with the color of your stone.

When it comes to wearing precious stones you should remember that they are beautiful on their own. Keep it simple and don’t combine it too much with other accessories. Earrings should be matched with a bracelet and a necklace with a ring.

To clean your precious stones, just use a bowl of water with a few drops of dish detergent. You can also use a soft toothbrush to clean behind the stone, without scrubbing too hard. Scrub it gently and then rinse. To dry just use a soft cloth.

Always store your stones separately in a box wrapped in a tissue to avoid scratches. Protect them from sunlight and don’t bring them in contact with perfume or hairspray. Also swimming with the stones should always be avoided.