Spring fashion combined with winter jewellery

10 April 2019

Spring fashion combined with winter jewellery

Sweet, sunny weather, spring season is in the air. Are you already re-organising your jewellery box and putting away your winter gems? There’s actually no need for that. The period in between the coldest winter months and those fresh spring temperatures, is perfect for showing off your most precious winter jewellery.

Long on layers

While charms necklaces work great on a white summer T-shirt, they can compete with the necessary layers of sweaters and scarves during colder spring days. Therefore, you should go for an elongated necklace that is chunky on its own or has a solid look with a large locket. Make sure the necklace is long enough to be combined with the necessary shawl or the light cashmere sweater we adore in early spring.

Go big on rings

Finer, stacked rings will look beautiful in warmer weather months, but during the first chilly months of spring, you should go for a larger, bolder statement. More easily to wear with smaller gloves and a colored gem will make your spring garment pop. It will also give you a boost of power to overcome a possible minor winter sadness.

Find a good stud

Think again ladies, we’re not talking about your new love interest, but we’re talking earrings! Fun, creative or daring studs are trending and give that gentle sparkle to your wardrobe. They won’t get stuck in your scarf or turtleneck. Another plus is that studs go perfect with extra earrings or piercings.

The most important thing about combining winter jewellery with your early spring fashion is to have fun with it! If you need some extra inspiration, just go for anything botanical. Nothing says spring like flowers, leaves or blossoms. Dare to experiment, keep it fun and go creative. It will certainly lighten you up after those gloomy winter days and it will add some extra spice to your fresh and lively springtime garb.