Summer is here!

21 June 2018

Summer is here!

Summer has arrived, which means wedding season is upon us & we have you covered!

We want to help you with all your wedding jewellery needs! As a bride, you may want (next to your engagement ring off course) some earrings, a necklace and maybe even a bracelet. 

Have you thought of gifts for your bridal party?  Or which jewellery you are going to wear at the wedding, as a bridesmaid or guest?

We would love to be a part of your special day! Therefore, we explain our Summer collection below, so you can choose which jewellery matches your wedding outfit!

Charm collection

This trendy silver collection contains floral elements and is the perfect addition for a fun summer outfit. You can easily combine different pieces, experiment with mix and match to create your own look.

Colors that compliment silver are: soft peach, ice pink, vanilla yellow, black, dark navy/ royal blue, white/cream and burgundy. Colors you need to stay away from are pastel colors and colors that are too bright.

Elegance collection:

This is a timeless and classic collection for that special elegant touch. Elegance ensures that they finish off every outfit. This collection contains both simple pieces that can be worn daily as more festive pieces for a special occasion.

How to protect your jewels in the summer:  

Make sure your jewellery does not get wet. Remove your jewellery before swimming or going into the shower. Remove it before applying sunscreen, lotion or sprays such as perfume and avoid it from the direct sunlight.

It’s also not recommended to keep your jewels with sharp and hard objects like your other jewellery. Always store them separately.

̴  Every summer has its story, write yours with Nona Jewels   ̴