Trend: Women buy more jewellery for themselves

10 October 2017

Trend: Women buy more jewellery for themselves

Why wait for a gift?

You can give yourself exactly what you want. Women today buy jewellery for themselves, more than ever before.
They are (financially) independent and know what they want, both in their careers as in their personal lives. They also want to make their own jewellery choices rather than following the taste of their partner.

When do women buy jewellery for themselves?

— To mark an important life event: birthdays or a new carreer
— To complement their outfit
— When they see a jewel that appeals to their taste
— To follow the trends per season

You can build your jewelry collection piece by piece or go right for an impressive piece of jewellery. It’s totally up to you.

Discover your style

Some questions to ask yourself, when choosing a new jewel...

— What’s your work wardrobe like?
— What do you do for fun after work or during the weekends?
— Do you tend to wear feminine, minimalistic or sporty things?

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